Monday, 30 September 2013

Discussion on the topic of hip hop music videos

Discussing the statements of manhood in hi hop videos

The videos that are produced onto the internet are videos that can show a stereotypical act that to be like what they are now you have to do these thing which is can or can't be wrong but people all around listen to videos tips that it has given them and put them into action. The video can be told all wrong when it comes to things like manhood, dressing in rich clothes, driving around in sports cars and getting all the woman can have a large impact on the viewers.

The people that make the hit music and music videos are trying to get a message to everyone on how to be them, sort of trying to be a role model for people. The people that watch the videos can believe that it is real life and isn't set up to be a phoney and random video. The way that we see rappers and hip hop can be quite a massive stereotypical message to others that need to know it but it is strange way to give tips to them when there is always a secret message that shows one thing from the video that maybe other people who don't understand it would never know.

The videos are somewhat brain washing to usually young minds that you can do this and that just by having all of the things that they've got on the screen e.g. Pushcart dolls, they show that to be rich and famous you have got to an attractive icon to others to look beautiful and so that others can think of you as popular. Many people that do things like this can actually be different to what you see such as them not being like that in real life and being a wimp and not popular. That is why everyone tries to find the true source and have these big news magazines on the revealing of famous celebrities.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Photo evaluation

My photoshop evaluation.

I found that my image is a good picture of what it says on the title "student vs teacher" the means that on the photo sized doesn't matter. The text should be a wacky and goofy feel to it to be s kids trivia too. The things that I have learned from using photoshop are quite useful when I found out how to crop, rotate, change size, contrast and other useful things that I never knew before. The image could improve on how the background has been done and improve the main photos to look more professional. The connotation and denotation both represent that it is a brawl between a student and a teacher.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Photoshop basics

Instructions on Photoshop and basics

Link: ttp://

  • rectangular marquee toolRectangular marquee tool: This is the default selection setting. You can make a selection of any rectangular size and shape.
  • elliptical marquee toolElliptical marquee tool: This tool, available when you click and hold down on the selection tool region of the tool bar, selects elliptical spaces. To select a round area, hold the shift key while clicking and dragging.
  • single row marquee toolSingle row: This tool will select a 1pixel region that is as wide as your image. Very useful for trimming edges and making straight lines.
  • single column marquee toolSingle column: The tool will select a 1pixel region that is as tall as your image. Also very useful for trimming edges and making straight lines.
  • lasso toolLasso tool, which allows you to draw a selection by dragging the cursor freehand. The selection will close itself.
  • polygon lasso toolPolygon Lasso tool, which creates a selection composed of straight lines that can be as short as one pixel. The selection grows with each additional click. This tool is especially useful for cutting out objects in an image to place on new backgrounds.
  • magnetic polygon lasso toolMagnetic Polygon Lasso tool works a little like a combination of the other two lasso tool. As you drag, the selection maps to natural borders in the image. This is a useful tool when dealing with well-defined and high-contrast images.A note about lasso tool options: When extracting part of an image from its background, the result will be choppy and rough around the edges unless you adjust the feather value in the options bar. This fades the edges you create and can smooth the region into its new background.
  • magic wand toolMagic Wand Tool
    The magic wand tool is similar to the magnetic polygon lasso tool except that rather than dragging to make a selection, you click in a region and a selection appears around similar colored pixels. You can control how similar pixels must be to be included in the selection by altering the tolerance value.
    This tool is useful for selecting monochromatic regions or pieces of high-contrast images.
  • Adding New Layers:OK, as I said earlier, you can think of the layers as clear pages overlaying each other. The layers pane provides a good visualization of this concept because the layers appear in the layers pane as they are organized in the document. To demonstrate this, we'll add a new layer and type a little on it.
  • Selecting Layers:Select the Type tool (which I'll detail shortly) and type a little. You can see that the type appears on top of the image (i'll explain more about type a little later) . Now, we'll use these two layers to learn how to use the layers pane.

  • paintbrush toolPaintbrush tool
    I had you use the paintbrush tool a little bit to demonstrate how selections work; now I'm going to tell you how to use it. Make a selection and choose the tool from the toolbar. 

    pencil toolPencil Tool
    The Pencil tool works much like the Paintbrush, but draws a distinct line rather than a feathery painted one. Click and hold the paintbrush icon to reveal the pencil.

    eraser toolEraser Tool
    The eraser tool works much like the Paintbrush and Pencil, but rather than fill the selected region with a color, it actually removes whatever is in the selection and reveals the background. This is a very useful tool for cleaning up images with rough edges.

Logo Evaluation

Logo Evaluation

The TV programme that my logo is for – the setting, the characters and the type of storylines the programme might have.

I made this logo by getting two pictures on google images and cropped them so that i could make this image of it kind of being a brawl between the two. I have learned how to use the basics of photoshop that i never knew how to do before.

I would give the logo a 6/10 because it wasn't the best work because my cropping is not amazing and i could improve the shading because it can look like it was just copied. The image is meant to be the two enemies against each other in a stand off. The photo is meant o show that size is not all that matters when it comes to being the teacher vs the student. For an example it is sort of like "are you smarter than a ten year old" showing that students of a young age are tested against adults.

this image is an example of that show and mans that the young age can be very intelligent. 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Denotation and Connotation of covers part 5

1. The denotation of this is that there is a black and white scheme and having one women as the odd one out.
2. The connotation of this suggests that it is an old cover and has one strict person.

1. The denotation of this is that there is a man in the darkness with a straight and serious face.
2. The connotation of this suggests that he is a serious man and does not mess about.

Denotation and Connotation of Covers part 4

1.The denotation of this shows that four men are in a barren wasteland land with a monument on it that has been used as a urinal.
2.The connotation suggests that it is and empty wasteland except for this lonely monument.

1. The denotation of this is there is a mix of pink and white colors and shaded in with lettering.
2.The connotation suggests that it is female related from the colors.

Denotation and Connotation of covers part 3

1.The denotation is a black and white outline of what I believe is sound waves.
2.The connotation suggests that it is a music related cover.

1. The denotation of this suggests that there is a man giving a handshake to another man who is on fire, another point is that it looks like he is in a film studio.
2.The connotation is that he may be making a lie to the other man.

Denotation and connotation of Covers part 2

1.The denotation of this picture suggests a pose with a black glove made of leather which looks like a woman.
2.The connotation of this suggests that it is a woman making a sort of pose.

1. the denotation of this cover is that you can see four men that are in the darkness and dark appearance.
2. The connotation of this suggests that they are a vary Gothic group 

Denotation and connotation of Covers. part 1

1.The denotation of this picture is that it's evil,got the devil, has fire, a hell kind of personality to it.
2.The connotation of this piece is that this would be a very heavy metal rock band or person.

1.The denotation of this is that I can see a man who wears the colors of the American flag and and denim trouser with a tank top.
2.This suggests that he is an American man who is proud to be American and shows a tough guy look.

Waterloo Road 1

Waterloo Road

1.The reason the writer chose this logo is because he was going into the concept of school and the font and lettering has been set out to look like school tables.It gave the whole point that most of the program is about school life.

2. The producer tried to make the show about school life and by making the teachers not care about the students and being laid back. The producer made the characters like this so it gave a kind of similarity to the students as well.

3. The show is shown at the times that are on schooldays that can be during school or after school because the producer made it so that it can be for students and parents or just for parents so that they might know what the average day of school life could be like.

HW Diary


I was woken up to a siren on my smart phone that has been fitted with an alarm clock which is incredibly useful because i have an alarm and a phone all in one but there is a limit when it comes to charge.


It was a Saturday morning got up to eat cereal and was watching the news on the television. It is good because it informs me about the world and what is happening around it.


On a Sunday I go on my Xbox to play games and it is a very safistacated device that is entertaining to me and others.