Monday, 30 September 2013

Discussion on the topic of hip hop music videos

Discussing the statements of manhood in hi hop videos

The videos that are produced onto the internet are videos that can show a stereotypical act that to be like what they are now you have to do these thing which is can or can't be wrong but people all around listen to videos tips that it has given them and put them into action. The video can be told all wrong when it comes to things like manhood, dressing in rich clothes, driving around in sports cars and getting all the woman can have a large impact on the viewers.

The people that make the hit music and music videos are trying to get a message to everyone on how to be them, sort of trying to be a role model for people. The people that watch the videos can believe that it is real life and isn't set up to be a phoney and random video. The way that we see rappers and hip hop can be quite a massive stereotypical message to others that need to know it but it is strange way to give tips to them when there is always a secret message that shows one thing from the video that maybe other people who don't understand it would never know.

The videos are somewhat brain washing to usually young minds that you can do this and that just by having all of the things that they've got on the screen e.g. Pushcart dolls, they show that to be rich and famous you have got to an attractive icon to others to look beautiful and so that others can think of you as popular. Many people that do things like this can actually be different to what you see such as them not being like that in real life and being a wimp and not popular. That is why everyone tries to find the true source and have these big news magazines on the revealing of famous celebrities.

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  1. Good answer, A few really nice points but a real lack of evidence to back up your points. Also please re read your work to check the flow of your sentences.