Thursday, 19 September 2013

Logo Evaluation

Logo Evaluation

The TV programme that my logo is for – the setting, the characters and the type of storylines the programme might have.

I made this logo by getting two pictures on google images and cropped them so that i could make this image of it kind of being a brawl between the two. I have learned how to use the basics of photoshop that i never knew how to do before.

I would give the logo a 6/10 because it wasn't the best work because my cropping is not amazing and i could improve the shading because it can look like it was just copied. The image is meant to be the two enemies against each other in a stand off. The photo is meant o show that size is not all that matters when it comes to being the teacher vs the student. For an example it is sort of like "are you smarter than a ten year old" showing that students of a young age are tested against adults.

this image is an example of that show and mans that the young age can be very intelligent. 


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  2. LOGO: E1 - The logo only offers a basic level of skill and creativity mainly due to the time spent on it. The idea is good but you need to develop your photoshop skills buy using tutorials.
    T: Use tutorials online to help you develop your PS skills in time for your coursework

    EVAL: D1 - Your evaluation is ok and shows some knowledge of connotations and some detail. You do offer a sense of reflection, even including a comparable example.
    T: Make sure that you are specific when talking about what you have done, i.e. Photoshop terms.