Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lifestyle Convection 5


THE TONE OF THE MAGAZINE IS ASPIRATIONAL. The magazine assumes the position of lifestyle coach – it tells you what you need and then offers you advice on how to get it.

For each of the following lifestyle magazines, explain how the tone of the magazine is aspirational. Who is the target audience of each magazine? What values does each magazine expect their readers to have? Give examples to back up your answers.

The tone of this magazine shows that a man is being constantly surrounded with attention from the women showing that he is an ideal man and brings into a object of desire from the audience which would mainly be a mens magazine with this aspirational tone of wanting to be like the men on the front cover on how they are presented at you. The value of the magazine is what it means to you in the fact of you reading it or even following the tips and gossip.

This magazine shows like any other magazine in the subject that there is a women staring directly into the camera with her whole body features right in front of the camera such as breasts, face. The clothing that she wears is very revealing clothes showing off breasts, legs and arms so that it is appealing for the target audience to basically show off to other women and say to the women ," this is what you should be wearing" which is a big advertisement for fashion, makeup and personality. The target audience is directed at middle aged women with tips on how they can improve their life.

This magazines shows a a teenager which is a celebrity known as Vanessa Hudgens who is an iconic teenager who would be well known in the young age. the tone of the magazine has tips that can be shown as strange and very awkward to some such as "Classmates need to mop up my period". This can be shown as inappropriate but not as awkward if the target audience is directed at teenage women than it can be suitable to talk about these subjects.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Balance in Design

Balance in Design

Symmetrical(formal balance)

This magazine is symmetrical because of how the magazine front cover has been put together on the subject of how she is posed and the smoke beside her is perfect which can mean for her to be like a mirror line. The text beside her are all in different fonts and colours but are laid out equally. The position that the magazine is laid out in is symmetrical way from lettering to pose of model.

Asymmetrical (informal balance)

This magazine cover has an informal balance because the text is only covering one side of the magazine and Will Ferrell has one hand on the headphone showing more informal balance. The title font is shown as being out of this world which would link to the fact that he is dressed in a skin tight suit, having headphones with antennas on them.

Asymmetrical balance by shape

The magazine is asymmetrical by shape because her body posture is crooked and looks strange with her tattoos being different and not symmetrical. the title font shows that some of the capital letters and normal letters are different meaning that it can be asymmetrical.

Asymmetrical by position
His position of body is asymmetrical because he uses his hands to pull back on his collar in a suit giving this business and smart look. The pose of him pulling his collar would be the average pose when it,s getting hot or stressed.

Asymmetrical by texture
This photo is asymmetrical by texture because it is only directed at her body and nothing else so that your only focus is on her. She stares into the camera to show that she is directing herself at the target audience.

Asymmetrical by eye direction

This photo is asymmetrical by eye direction because she is directing her eyes,body and face away from the camera not directing any attention to the target audience.

Radial Balance

This magazine cover is a radial balance because the text is balanced by being all around the centre which is this women. The text is around her and balanced so that the text comes out and is directed a target the audience


This is a good start and you have the basics here. However, this does not have a huge amount of detail and you will need to explain your answer more.

Fonts and their effects


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Lifestyle magazines

Lifestyle magazines

The magazine shows a women looking into the camera with a smug smile and a pose where she can reveal body parts such as breasts, face and legs. She has her hand pulling up her skirt to reveal more of her leg which can be shown as people who would envy which is mainly going to be women because what they must look like and the gossip on the side saying  "We've discovered the double orgasm" or "what men really think about in bed" which is all related with sex life. the language is mature and talks about adultery subjects which would mainly be read by middle-aged women who need tips or struggling.

This magazine shows a celebrity magazine of Britney Spears called "Shape" and the gossip and tips talking about how to make your body slimmer and look better. The text such as "a body built for sex" can be shown as offensive and putting peer pressure into someone who has to read the tips and do what they tell them. the facial expression of Britney is a happy smile with a tilted head of her only being in a bikini with her slim body also being shown as this person to envy.

Tulisa Contostavlos is shown in a Glamour magazine and smiling with chilled a out look but is revealing some body parts like legs but is in a mature manor on how that would be a suitable dress for something like a summers day. Her facial expression could be shown in an object of desire but she is looking like an average person on a summers day. The magazine is mainly on the fact the fact of fashion with some tips and gossip. The magazine target audience would be young aged women who are interested in fashion and tips   which would be more appropriate than talking about love life like the cosmopolitan magazine.

Here is a standard college lifestyle magazine on which the magazine talks about college life and how easy tips can help you through it. the photo is a man who looks like he is going though college with his books and looking standard for college. The magazine would have a target audience of mixed gender and aged at young people in college. The magazines have text that can be useful when in college such as how to make money, what the fashion is, how to have a good time.

The men's health magazine is mainly having a target audience of men to show what hey can role model from by flexing his muscles to show what you can look like which draws the target audience into how he go them. The magazine is mainly on the fact of looking better and being noticed more by female attention as said on the side as 'dressed for sex'. The Men's Health magazine has a range of different looking celebrities that the reader will know and trust with the people that are movie stars and are shown in the movies as being this strong and masculine person. his facial expression is this pose where he can show his muscles is a angry face with a tough-guy figure.