Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Introduction to Lifestyle Magazines

Introduction to lifestyle Magazines

1. Identify the different 'types' of content in the magazine 
the content is that mainly in women's magazines are mainly on the subjects of fashion, beauty and lifestyle which can brainwash women into what they have to be in becoming a model like they are in the magazine.

2. Describe the layout of the page. From your analysis what gender and type of person is this magazine for?

The layout of the page is in different sizes of each picture on how the most important photos such as the model or clothing is bigger meaning that you should concentrate on what is more important as shown by the magazine designer. The designers try to include contents of the page that are important like seeing someone who is not beautiful and meaning that this is what you could be like  if you don't use products like make up or attempt to make yourself look better. The text below or around the magazines in usually the front of the pages are texts of sentences like '10 ways to get happy' or 'what you'll be wearing next summer'. These sentences in the book are kinds of text that are forcing you to do what they making them have.

3. How would someone hope to benefit from buying this magazine.

they would probably benefit by having inside knowledge on what celebrities wear and what they do but this can never be true at times with lots of evidence to back the writers up. The magazines can usually be filled with gossip and rumors but can give them knowledge of other contents such as fashion, beauty, culture or relationships. Most of the text that is bold on the front cover, draws you in  and makes you apply what is told by the magazine writers and could benefit you with knowledge on those tips but as I have said, not all tips can be true.

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