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Album Analysis

Album Analysis

Justin Timberlake- 20/20 experience

On this photo album cover, Justin Timberlake is wearing these giant glasses which suggests that he has seen the future and knows that the photo album is going to be a big hit thus having him wear a bow tie and suit which a celebrity would wear for an grammy award for his album. The colour of Justin is black and white except for the lettering which is gold linking with wealth fame and awards. Justin's facial expression is dull because most of his face is covered up with these giant mask and with him seeing his future he says nothing.

selena Gomez- Stars Dance

on this photo album, Selena is in a black and white photo but with only pink lettering which may suggest that the photo album is about her and she is a feminine figure on the album cover. the clothes that she is wearing is this alien goddess look, linking to the album cover name of stars dance. Being this outer space figure of her facial expression in this pose looking like she is confused. the camera shot of the edges is black and dark which is maybe space and she is the bright star in the photo.

Jessie J- Alive

In this photo of Jessie J's album cover, she is shown as this strong and manly figure of not wearing any clothes,shaved head and angry look on eyebrows suggesting that she wants to be shown as this strong and powerful women. Jessie J wears big hoop earrings
maybe linking with her home.

Miley Cyrus- Bangerz

In this album cover, Miley Cyrus is shown in which only looks like a coat with her facial expression being this stare with biting her
finger to show sexual gaze. The title "Bangerz in the cover is a
bright neon font which can be linked as being a strip club text with a tropical background. the evidence that she is revealing her legs showing that she may only be wearing that coat invites the stereotype and shows that she what she is.

Imagine Dragons-Continued Silence EP

The album cover is this kind of surreal man with a suitcase in a
foggy forest can be shown as this dream by the artist and that their music is a dream. The bottom of the forest is covered in roses suggesting this romance in a dream of their own. The album cover
tells us that because he has a suitcase he is traveling or going
somewhere different.
Demi Lovato-Unbroken

The album cover for Demi Lovato is herself being this sinister and gothic person to the camera, staring right into the camera she shows her fact and hands being dirty and only in black and white colours. This could suggest a gothic side to her and evil with a cross on her hand representing religion. Her facial expression is her in this dark stars with black lipstick and muddy body which can be shown as an not being an object of desire.


The album cover is a dark and strange looking photo of a man who looks robotic and is in pain with metal tubes around his neck which can be linked with the band being a heavy metal genre and being black and white showing a sinister and evil background to the photo. The person in the photo looks in pain and agony which can be linked with how the music is or not. There is only one colour in the whole of the photo and that is a red "v" which is like many common music albums like Selena Gomez or Justin Timberlake.

Tyler the creator-Wolf

In the photo cover, he is shown as being this confused and daydreaming person who looks like he is looking into the future and seeing himself just like Justin Timberlake. His facial posture is lifeless and daydreamy because he pictures himself as being this person who is happy and better. He shows himself as being this clueless rapper who writes good songs.

Eminem- The Marshall mathers 2

In the album cover for Eminem, the photo is a black and white photo of a house which his house that he use to live in and how the coloring is black and white representing the past. The house in the photo cover has boarded windows, overgrowth of plants and generally looks rundown meaning that his past was a hard and not an easy life being involved with crime and drugs.


In the photo album for Rihanna, she shows herself being topless with only photos covering up her breasts. She has a facial expression of looking angry and by looking like she is laying down. This photo represents her as being an object of desire and not challenging the stereotype because she is now wearing any shirt and covering the only part that if shown would be seen as pornographic to the the audience.


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.

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