Wednesday, 12 February 2014

3 lifestyle magazine colour analysis

3 lifestyle magazine colour analysis

The colour that is mainly a Summer orange title which links with the fact of her wearing a dress which you would expect to see in Summer. the colour orange creates the idea of being optimistic and enthusiastic which could link to the magazine in being yourself and creative. The bright colours are highlighted over the fonts which would show the most importance and want to draw your attention to such as the title or subheadings. the evidence that can be shown that this magazine is a Summers magazine such as colour of font, colour of dress and dress itself for the target audience to start thinking about the feel of Summer.

This magazine colour is a hot and bright pink which you would expect the magazine target reader would be young women. the main colour like the title and some sub heading which is pink would be expected from young aged women because it shows young and fun genre. The secondary colour of the magazine is a bright neon turquoise suggesting this calm and relaxed feel to the magazine. there are key points in the magazine not only just on the font but on the model swell such as the lipstick and eye shadow trying to show key points using colour on the models face. 

This magazine is different to the others because it has a male model but still would have the target audience of a mixed gender. the colour is different being more included like the background of blue, this meaning a relaxed and peaceful and with a bright gold or yellow suggesting fun and entertaining which would draw the target audience being that it would be adding comedy or entertainment. Some of the colour which you would think to be highlighted over the font isn't but is covered in a line by the sides of the text. the facial expression of the model links with font colour with the model having this smug face linked by being funny.


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.

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