Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lifestyle Convection 5


THE TONE OF THE MAGAZINE IS ASPIRATIONAL. The magazine assumes the position of lifestyle coach – it tells you what you need and then offers you advice on how to get it.

For each of the following lifestyle magazines, explain how the tone of the magazine is aspirational. Who is the target audience of each magazine? What values does each magazine expect their readers to have? Give examples to back up your answers.

The tone of this magazine shows that a man is being constantly surrounded with attention from the women showing that he is an ideal man and brings into a object of desire from the audience which would mainly be a mens magazine with this aspirational tone of wanting to be like the men on the front cover on how they are presented at you. The value of the magazine is what it means to you in the fact of you reading it or even following the tips and gossip.

This magazine shows like any other magazine in the subject that there is a women staring directly into the camera with her whole body features right in front of the camera such as breasts, face. The clothing that she wears is very revealing clothes showing off breasts, legs and arms so that it is appealing for the target audience to basically show off to other women and say to the women ," this is what you should be wearing" which is a big advertisement for fashion, makeup and personality. The target audience is directed at middle aged women with tips on how they can improve their life.

This magazines shows a a teenager which is a celebrity known as Vanessa Hudgens who is an iconic teenager who would be well known in the young age. the tone of the magazine has tips that can be shown as strange and very awkward to some such as "Classmates need to mop up my period". This can be shown as inappropriate but not as awkward if the target audience is directed at teenage women than it can be suitable to talk about these subjects.

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