Thursday, 9 January 2014

Lifestyle magazines

Lifestyle magazines

The magazine shows a women looking into the camera with a smug smile and a pose where she can reveal body parts such as breasts, face and legs. She has her hand pulling up her skirt to reveal more of her leg which can be shown as people who would envy which is mainly going to be women because what they must look like and the gossip on the side saying  "We've discovered the double orgasm" or "what men really think about in bed" which is all related with sex life. the language is mature and talks about adultery subjects which would mainly be read by middle-aged women who need tips or struggling.

This magazine shows a celebrity magazine of Britney Spears called "Shape" and the gossip and tips talking about how to make your body slimmer and look better. The text such as "a body built for sex" can be shown as offensive and putting peer pressure into someone who has to read the tips and do what they tell them. the facial expression of Britney is a happy smile with a tilted head of her only being in a bikini with her slim body also being shown as this person to envy.

Tulisa Contostavlos is shown in a Glamour magazine and smiling with chilled a out look but is revealing some body parts like legs but is in a mature manor on how that would be a suitable dress for something like a summers day. Her facial expression could be shown in an object of desire but she is looking like an average person on a summers day. The magazine is mainly on the fact the fact of fashion with some tips and gossip. The magazine target audience would be young aged women who are interested in fashion and tips   which would be more appropriate than talking about love life like the cosmopolitan magazine.

Here is a standard college lifestyle magazine on which the magazine talks about college life and how easy tips can help you through it. the photo is a man who looks like he is going though college with his books and looking standard for college. The magazine would have a target audience of mixed gender and aged at young people in college. The magazines have text that can be useful when in college such as how to make money, what the fashion is, how to have a good time.

The men's health magazine is mainly having a target audience of men to show what hey can role model from by flexing his muscles to show what you can look like which draws the target audience into how he go them. The magazine is mainly on the fact of looking better and being noticed more by female attention as said on the side as 'dressed for sex'. The Men's Health magazine has a range of different looking celebrities that the reader will know and trust with the people that are movie stars and are shown in the movies as being this strong and masculine person. his facial expression is this pose where he can show his muscles is a angry face with a tough-guy figure.

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