Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Balance in Design

Balance in Design

Symmetrical(formal balance)

This magazine is symmetrical because of how the magazine front cover has been put together on the subject of how she is posed and the smoke beside her is perfect which can mean for her to be like a mirror line. The text beside her are all in different fonts and colours but are laid out equally. The position that the magazine is laid out in is symmetrical way from lettering to pose of model.

Asymmetrical (informal balance)

This magazine cover has an informal balance because the text is only covering one side of the magazine and Will Ferrell has one hand on the headphone showing more informal balance. The title font is shown as being out of this world which would link to the fact that he is dressed in a skin tight suit, having headphones with antennas on them.

Asymmetrical balance by shape

The magazine is asymmetrical by shape because her body posture is crooked and looks strange with her tattoos being different and not symmetrical. the title font shows that some of the capital letters and normal letters are different meaning that it can be asymmetrical.

Asymmetrical by position
His position of body is asymmetrical because he uses his hands to pull back on his collar in a suit giving this business and smart look. The pose of him pulling his collar would be the average pose when it,s getting hot or stressed.

Asymmetrical by texture
This photo is asymmetrical by texture because it is only directed at her body and nothing else so that your only focus is on her. She stares into the camera to show that she is directing herself at the target audience.

Asymmetrical by eye direction

This photo is asymmetrical by eye direction because she is directing her eyes,body and face away from the camera not directing any attention to the target audience.

Radial Balance

This magazine cover is a radial balance because the text is balanced by being all around the centre which is this women. The text is around her and balanced so that the text comes out and is directed a target the audience


This is a good start and you have the basics here. However, this does not have a huge amount of detail and you will need to explain your answer more.

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